NieR: Automata Demo Released For PS4; Game Receives Good Reviews

The demo version of NieR:Automata for PS4 has recently been released by Platinum Games. This is a good way to round off the year by giving PS4 owners the chance to get a taste of what the new video game offers. The demo version was downloadable since Dec. 22, 2016 for free.

The Demo Version Gives A Taste And Feel Of The Game

This demo version of NieR:Automata for PS4 will give players a taste and feel of what the video game offers. It will take the player on a quest to destroy a huge weapon of an enemy that lies inside an abandoned factory. In fulfilling the mission, the player needs to use different weapons, some for short range battles, while others for long range assaults.

The fight-action scenes are very slick, fast-paced and characterized by multiple difficulties. But when the player gets that hang of it, he will be able to refine his attacks. As with all video games, NieR:Automata for PS4 has many levels of challenges and difficulties. But with time and practice, gamers should be able to perfect their combat styles to complete the challenges of the game.

The Overall Response Of Players Is Positive

The response of players regarding the demo version of NieR:Automata for PS4 have generally been positive. But a report from Game Rant said that in recent weeks, players are getting more and more intrigued by the dark industrial setting of the video game. This demo version enables players to take the characters of two androids, 2B and 9S.

These two are on a mission to reclaim a world now being run by formidable machine life forms. In the demo version of NieR:Automata for PS4, the two have numerous combat sequences. The battles are similar to what gamers experience in Bayonetta and not the conventional action-RPGs of most video games today.

Originally, Platinum Games has had to fix some bugs that caused NieR:Automata for PS4 to fail. Fortunately, the game developer is making good on its promise to resolve the issues and release a demo that will satisfy the curiosity of the fans. Avid fans of the original NieR video game have long been waiting for this update.

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