‘Nier Automata’ Could Be A Contender For Best Video Game Next Year; Here’s Why

A new video game developed by PlatinumGames is set to be launched by Square Enix next year. One person who has tried to play the game has predicted that it could easily contend for the title of Best Video Game for 2017. Some cursory examination of its features may give players a peek on why this game will take the game community by storm next year.

The Story Is About Androids Fighting Other Machines

The title of this new video game is Nier Automata. It belongs to the JRPG genre of video games. This genre seems to be invading every home as the PC has become a standard home item nowadays. This new video game is a sequel to Nier that was also published by Square Enix. Its main story plot is a war-ravaged world caught in the middle of machines fighting other machines. The main characters of the game are androids having names like 9S and 2B.

Nier Automata is a partnership between Platinum Games and Square Enix. The game can be considered a fast-action RPG. On a PS4, its fast-paced action is rendered in sub-1080P and at a very fast 60fps clip. That should be enough to give excitement to the players. But those are only two of the game's remarkable features.

The Game Offers Light And Heavy Weapons

As with every RPG, Nier Automata requires the players to dodge bullets. They can also launch counter attacks and hurl their foes into the air. To help them win their battles, the game offers a lot of weapons that they can use.

One attractive feature of Nier Automata is that there are a light type and heavy type of every weapon available to the gamers. The properties of a particular weapon are dependent on whether it is a light or heavy type. In addition, the graphics and animations will be adjusted according to the type of weapon used.

The perspectives of Nier Automata are also remarkable. A particular perspective can quickly transform into another one on the fly in order to accommodate the style of gameplay. And the background music is also spectacular. The game will initially roll out on PS4 come March 2017.

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