A Tortoise Acting Like A Puppy? Find Out As It Wins The Heart Of Everyone From The Florida Wildlife Center

By Sai , Dec 26, 2016 06:17 PM EST

A footstool-sized South American yellow-footed tortoise has recently become the center of attraction for South Florida's problems with exotic species after it has charmed a number of staff at one of the most unexpected places - a seabird rescue center. Named as Master Oogway, the tortoise in known to be the only non-native species that has been given a permanent home at the non-profit rehabilitation center. But unlike any other typical tortoise, it's acting differently as compared to its fellow tortoises.

A Tortoise Acting Like A Puppy? How Is That Possible?

According to reports revealed by The News Observer, the tortoise was found wandering around Doral by state wildlife officers in October, which strangely acts like a puppy. In one of his statements, the rehab center's executive director, Christopher Boykin, said that wherever a particular person goes, Oogway simply follows around, he'll eat out of your hand just like what dogs normally do. Additionally, Boykin said that people can also pet his head. It was found that the staff allegedly named the tortoise after a character known for his wise sayings in the "Kung Fu Panda" animated movies.

Furthermore, as per Wear TV, due to the said strange behavior of the tortoise, the said rescue center reportedly has high hopes that the tortoise's tendency to act strangely compared to a typical reptile will potentially help them promote responsible pet ownership. Authorities of the center have also highly emphasized that they also hope to raise awareness about its mission to treat and release only native species. On the other hand, Boykin has revealed that people would often bring various species of birds to the center without realizing that they're bringing in exotic wildlife. Ultimately, authorities from the rescue center believe that it's difficult for them to pinpoint the exact age of Oogway but from the rings on the scutes on his shell, Boykin estimates the turtle is old. Zoo Miami's Ron Magill, has also claimed that tortoises are just some of the animals whose a lot more intelligent and lot more cognizant of their surroundings than people give them credit for.

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