Dota 2 Update: In Case You Missed It, Valve Just Teased Everyone With New A Spirit Hero In Their 7.00 Comic

Just in case you have missed the speculations circulating around since the release of Dota 2 7.00, Valve might have just hinted its fans with a new hero for the game. This happened after Redditors found out some hints in one of the comics that came out with the update. Is Valve really working on a new hero?

New Dota 2 Hero Hinted In A Comic Book

Valve released the Dota 2 7.00 update with digital comic books including the one entitled "The Legend of the Monkey King." Just a few hours after Dota 2 7.00 rolled out to the main client, a Redditor already found an easter egg through the comic. This led everyone to speculate an upcoming new hero in the game.

The content is located at the part of the comic where Monkey King encounters the "Spirit Brothers." The silhouettes of the Spirit Brothers can be clearly seen: Raijin or Storm Spirit, Kaolin or Earth Spirit, Xin or Ember and a fourth one who is currently unknown. The players described it having the same head shape as Earth and Ember's and possesses a "somewhat" blue color and a calm aura. This clue led everyone to hypothesize different characters including Metal Spirit, Wind Spirit, Water Spirit and other elements.

More Clues To Support The Speculation

It has become convincing when players found more clues to support the assumption. Another Reddit thread appeared right after the easter egg discovery containing another evidence for the "fourth Spirit hero" in Dota 2 theory. This time, the clue is made through Monkey King again.

Apparently, at the beginning of the game where heroes spawn in the base, Monkey King greets an ally Storm Spirit by asking where is his "other" brother. The lines go, "I've seen Xin and Kaolin. Where's your other brother?" That actually makes no sense because there are only three Spirit brothers in Dota 2, unless Valve is working on the fourth one.

Valve loves to tease everyone with clues over the updates. Dota 2 fans, on the same hand, love to make speculations. Are you convinced with this theory? Comment down your thoughts about this.

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