'Star Trek' Technologies That Might Become Reality Soon

By Anne Dominguez , Dec 27, 2016 11:19 AM EST

is it possible to find Holodecks, teleporters and other "Star Trek" technologies in real life? Humanity's current technology might be able to achieve this soon. Since it was first aired in 1996, the hit sci-fi franchise has presented as a utopian view of future technology. It may have seen almost impossible in the past but now,


The favorite recreation room by the starship's crew in "Star Trek" -- the holodecks also seem possible in the future. Virtual reality has been popular in sci-fi movies and stories, however, it has been creeping its ways to reality. Following the success of the hit augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, more companies had been investing more to virtual reality. This year, advanced virtual reality headsets where developed. Who knows? Virtual reality rooms like the holodecks might be next.


In "Star Wars" the crew members use replicators to create their food in space by rearranging subatomic particles. However, there are also reports of this type of technology in real life. A sweet shop in London was able to create candies with 3D printers.


Lasers has long been introduced six years even before "Star Trek" was launched, however it is not the same deadly beam of light used to cut enemies like in the handheld phasers. It is commonly used in observations or scientific purposes or even in medicine. However, some scientists are looking at the possibility to use lasers as weapon. In 2015, a company presented a laser that could burn a hole through a steel measuring 5 centimeters in a few seconds. Many countries like China, Germany are testing laser weapons, even US military according to The Sun.


This might take the longest time but some scientists gave hints of possible development of teleportation technology like in "Star Trek" using quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation is base on the idea of quantum entanglement which allows connection between atoms while their information are sent far away. "Quantum teleportation already exists [and] I think within a decade we will teleport the first molecule," said Professor Michio Kaku according to Mail Online.


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