Phil Spencer Suffers From 'Amnesia' As He Expresses Righteous Anger Against Sony

By Gen Que , Dec 28, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Xbox big boss Phil Spencer is seething during the holidays. All thanks to Sony which has been the object of that anger. In case you haven't heard about it, Spencer is angry at how Sony has been using 'underhanded' techniques to get games to its side. However, observers seem to note that Spencer seemed to forget that it used the same tactics against Sony and its rival is just turning the tables.

It is not unusual for Sony and Microsoft to trade barbs since both of them try to one-up each other in the console world. Trading barbs and criticisms seems like part of the Sony - Xbox relationship dynamics.

For example, Sony criticized Xbox earlier this year saying it was too early for its rival to announce Project Scorpio to which Spencer responded by saying they are just being open to their partners and developers and giving them the idea for whatever it is they plan to do.

Now, Spencer is angry but seemed to forget that it used the same tactics against Sony. According to Mobipicker, Microsoft threw a lot of money to big game developers to get all of Sony's third party support that were supposed to be exclusive. For example, Microsoft paid $75 million to make the Assassin's Creed franchise multi-platform although it was supposed to be an exclusive PS3 game. In another instance, it paid $25 million to make the DEf Jam series multi-platform as well although it was supposed to be exclusive to GameCube and PlayStation 2.

It also did the same to the Call of Duty franchise and GTA IV. In short, Microsoft really has no real AAA first party game with the exception of Halo and Fable. Instead, Spencer should learn from Nintendo and Sega who didn't do anything when Sony acquired all the third party support.

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