5 Things Why Xbox Wins Over The PS4

The console battle is getting more intense the same way it is for Batllefield and Call of Duty. Each side has their own valid points as to why the PlayStation or the Xbox One is better than the other. Despite its good points, however, the Xbox one has some edge over the PS4 and here they are:

Xbox allows you to play TV while playing

Talk about multi-tasking. Through the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, those who want to watch TV can do so without abandoning their game. This is a big plus especially if you're almost near in completing your mission but has to watch an important news update.

What more, it is easy to set up as well using the One Guide TV listings feature which comes with live pause and voice support. It also carries a selection of your favorite channels.

Xbox has Backward Compatibility

What is better than being able to play your old games and not have to throw them away or gather dust in your basement. Xbox Backward Compatibility currently supports 250 game titles including Fallout 3, Gears of War, and Red Dead Redemption. And the best part about this feature is that it is completely free of charge.

Xbox has cross-platform play with Windows 10

PlayStation fans will argue that the console has cross-platform capabilities as well with PS3 and PS Vita but how many PS4 players own all of these devices. Xbox, on the other hand, has cross-platform capabilities with Windows 10 PCs which allow players to play games, such as Gears of War and Forza Horizon 3, in both PC and Xbox one consoles.
Xbox One has voice command available for everyone

The recent Xbox One update has enabled voice command for everybody. Therefore, anyone who has a headset and microphone can issue a command to Cortana what to do whether to shut the console on and off, or select items on the screen, which makes it more convenient for anyone while playing a game.

Xbox One has exclusive games

Well, PlayStaion 4 has some exclusive games under their sleeves as well. But it seems like Microsoft has become much bolder in their choice of games providing more diversity in their game titles.

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