CSGO Aim Tips: Aim Like A Pro With These Training Regimen

By Benjie Batanes , Dec 28, 2016 04:27 AM EST

CSGO players who want to win competitive plays know that a good aim is a necessary skill. Here are some tips and training programs that can help you aim like a pro.

Tips From A CSGO Pro

Professional player Patrik Zero posted some useful CSGO aim tips. The post is more than a year old but it's still perfectly valid today. Basically, continuous practice is the only way to improve your aim but there's a smart way of training. The CSGO pro advises at least a half hour of pistol only death matches. It seems pistol fights with bots can help improve your tracking aim.

CSGO players must also master their snapping aim and bots make good target practice. Zero recommends firing two shot bursts aimed at the bot's head. If both attempts fail, simply target another one. You could always return to the previous bot or switched to tapping instead. Pre-aim involves setting your crosshair at the most likely spot an enemy will appear. Make sure to aim for the head or chest area.

Recommended CSGO Aim Training Maps

There are a number of various CSGO maps that can help improve your aim. The most popular one right now is the Aim Botz. Although the bots don't fight back or even move, they could fire back. A preview video of the training session is available here.

Training_aim_csgo2 is another CSGO Aim training program. There are no bots but the target practice range is comprehensive. It can certainly improve your aiming and shooting reflex. This map can also improve your burst aiming skills.

Recoil Master, on other hand is perfect for CSGO players who want to perfect their spray control. After choosing your weapon you will proceed to the firing range area. A toggle will appear to indicate which area you should shoot next. As mentioned before, a decent amount of practice time can certainly help you aim like a pro in CSGO.

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