Galaxy S8 News And Update: Samsung Commences Full-Fledged AI Incorporation

Diverting the public's attention from the exploding Note 7s, Samsung just indirectly revealed that its upcoming smartphone would feature an attractive Artificial Intelligence assistant. The news has generated quite a buzz but the manufacturers are not disclosing the functions of this new addition except that it will allow the attachment and uploading of services.

One might wonder how Samsung's next big thing is going to be any different than Apple or Google's. The answer just might be in the ability of Viv to create its own programs. According to Engadget, no specifications, sporting features or the date for the launch has been shared by the multinational company.

However, reports are abuzz that due to the sudden explosions in Samsung's Note 7 owing to battery fire problems, the company shifted its attention to fixing that issue which has definitely caused a delay in the release of Galaxy S8, whenever it was scheduled.

Keeping in mind Samsung's record of not specifying about the upcoming smartphones months before the release, it is very strange of it to discuss S8's features at this point in time. Understandably, the company is trying to stir the consumers' mind with the attractive specifications of S8 since Note 7 did not leave a good mark at all, on either Samsung's high reputation or the sales.

With the new buzz and hype about the future smartphone, Samsung is trying it's very best to get back into the good books of the users and make them believe again that the company's products are worth the hefty money they come with. According to Gadget 360, it is hoped that a groundbreaking launch of Samsung's Galaxy S8 will leave behind the mess created by its predecessor and the company will be able to get back in the game. Prototypes for the much-hyped model are being discussed endlessly across social media platforms.

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