Microsoft Could Release A New "Game Mode" For Windows 10 To Improve PC Gaming Experience

By Luis Fran , Dec 28, 2016 06:10 PM EST

Tech giant Microsoft keeps pushing to offer its customers the best experience with its latest operating system, in order to increase its popularity among any kind of users, given the fact that the company has been facing a lot of troubles in recent months because of some errors in its products. However, latest leaks reveal that the tech giant is now focusing on games, since a new "Game Mode" has been launched to Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Game Mode Will Be Available Any Time Soon

According to UberGizmo, a Windows 10 beta build was leaked recently, and it shows that the company is creating this Game Mode to the operating system in order to improve the gaming PC experience. This would definitely represent a move that would make Microsoft increase its Windows 10 popularity and functionality, given the fact the number of people that play video games on their PCs has increased a lot.

Of course, this Windows 10 Game Mode is not completely working at this point, but it´s expected to be available anytime soon to the members of the Insider program. Apparently, this feature will enhance the gaming experience by minimizing the resources that apps usually absorbs and used it exclusively to the game, so this can run faster and smoother.

Microsoft Is Taking Advantage Of Xbox´s Popularity

As reported by Windows Central, the Windows 10 Game Mode would work exactly like the Xbox One, allocating the resources to guarantee that the game would run in the most efficient way. However the only detail that remains unknown is if the Game Mode will work for the Win32 games or just the games from Windows Store.

Nevertheless, this Game Mode is one of the best decisions that Microsoft has made in years, given the fact that taking a part of the game field to Windows 10, will make the company to take advantage of Xbox popularity in its latest operating system, setting the beginning of a new era for gamers.

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