Pokemon Demonstrates How Smartphones And Kids Are A Dangerous Combination

By Gen Que , Dec 29, 2016 04:20 AM EST

It is not common to see some fans doing the unbelievable for the love of their favorite game. However, you won't expect that a six-year old Pokemon fan would hug the headlines for doing the unthinkable - shopping using her mom's phone.

What six-year-old Ashlynd Howell wants for Christmas is any of the Pokemon-themed gifts she saw on the Internet but it seemed she would not get any of those. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and shop for herself.

Here's the twist, however: she used her mother's fingerprint and phone to do it. How did she do it you might ask. When her mom was sleeping, she got her phone and pressed her fingers to unlock the phone and wa-lah, she started her shopping spree. She got a total of eight Pokemon-themed products from Amazon.

Her parents only knew about the deed when her mom was surprised to receive several notifications of their purchase which totaled to $250. At first, the parents thought their account has been hacked and was making purchases using their account. Fortunately, Ashlynd was honest enough to admit that she was one who did it as she innocently declared as well that her parents need not worry because all she ordered will be delivered straight to their house.

The parents contacted Amazon so they could return the newly purchased product. Unfortunately, Amazon only allowed four items to be returned but the Howells are still thankful, thinking things could have turned out worse.

The story might sound cute and funny but it also shows a starking reality how kids these days are very familiar with the technology and how safe the devices we use. The story serves a reminder how we should all be careful, not only parents, regarding the security of our devices.

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