Editing Tweets Are Now Possible, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Confirms

By Monica U Santos , Dec 30, 2016 03:56 AM EST

Today, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey says support for tweet editing is needed, but implementation questions remain.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a co-founder and CEO of Twitter. He is also the founder and CEO of Square Inc., a mobile payments company based in San Francisco, California. The company markets several software and hardware payments products, including Square Register and Square Reader, and has expanded into small business services such as Square Capital and Square Payroll.

Williams, Stone and Noah Glass co-founded Obvious Corporation, which then spun off Twitter Inc. with Dorsey as the CEO. In 2008, Dorsey was named to the MIT Technology Review TR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35. For 2012, The Wall Street Journal gave him the "Innovator of the Year Award" for technology.

Editing Tweets Are Now Possible

During 2016, a variation of changes has happened to one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. But, according to 9to5 Mac, one capability that the company has yet to add despite requests from users is an edit button. Since the beginning, Twitter is a social media portal that doesn’t allow users to edit their content once it’s been shared.

Not until now that the Twitter's CEO Dorsey, says that an edit function or button is definitely needed. In a reply from a tweet, Dorsey stated that he believes an edit button is the “most requested feature” for Twitter. He also said that through editing tweets, users will "mostly to quickly fix mistakes."

Users That Can Edit Tweets

As reported by Buzz Feed, if tweets were only editable for a short amount of time, then typos and errors noticed later would remain unless the tweet were deleted. And, as Dorsey noted in his own Twitter account that the ability to edit could lead to issues where people would try to revise statements they make on the platform without accountability.

Dorsey indicated that he believes both verified and non-verified users need some form of editing tweets function. He also got into some options for how an edit function could be rolled out, either for a brief time only or a longer time span, each of which comes with its own complications. According to Gizmodo, Twitter could solve this by adding an icon to indicate that the a tweet has been edited.


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