Assassin's Creed On Nintendo Switch Coming Soon [Speculation]

Assassin's Creed is reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch. This theory is back up by Ubisoft's teaser of an upcoming Switch game title.

Ubisoft Game Title On Switch

Speculations are rising about Ubisoft's upcoming game title for the Switch. Social media commentators and reporters believe that the developer intends to release its next Assassin's Creed to Nintendo Switch too. Aside from Ubisoft's declaration, there's really not much to prove it except for theories from pundits.

There were also earlier talks about a crossover game involving Mario and the Rabbids, according to GameRant. The idea of an AC title on the Switch though, will make a bigger impact on both the company's

Assassin's Creed on Four Platforms

Laura Kate Dale is known for releasing Nintendo related leaks online. Recently, he tweeted that Ubisoft intends to release an AC title for the Switch as well. If this is true, the developer will have a game title on four major gaming platforms that includes the PlayStation, Xbox and Windows PC. Dale also claimed that the Dark Souls series will also be included in the upcoming platform.

Upcoming Assassin's Creed Detail

So far, the upcoming AC installment is believed to be set on Egypt. An alleged screenshot leak showing the Sphinx as a backdrop was used as proof for this theory. The developer did not confirm, denied or commented about the purported leak. Although there is the possibility that Ubisoft will make a game based on recent AC film. Hopefully, Michael Fassbender will also be featured in such undertaking.

Nintendo will reveal more information about the Switch on January 2017. The hybrid console and handheld gaming platform is also coming out on March next year. So far, the confirmed game titles include a Super Mario title, Splatoon and Legend of Zelda: breath of the Wild. Bethesda's Skyrim is also expected to come out although both companies would not confirm the report.

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