Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event Includes An Overwatch Sombra Style Teaser

By Nick Halden , Dec 22, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Rainbow Six Siege Christmas event is currently ongoing. There are also speculations that a Spanish female engineer nicknamed "Mira" will be added on 2017.

Overwatch Sombra Like Teaser

Tachanka, the Spetnaz operative will receive a 500 HP ballistic shield courtesy of engineers led by one Elena "Mira" Alvarez Del Manzano. An image of her was provided by Ubisoft. Fans are already speculating that that this female character is included in the upcoming 2017 DLC pack. Some were also quick to note that the Rainbow Six teaser seems to remind them of the Overwatch Sombra character.

 "Mira" - What We Know So Far

Spanish speakers noted that the name "Mira" translated to English means "look" or "sight". This bolsters the theory that the rumored operative will be using some sort of scopes in the game. It's also possible that she is capable of adding one-way viewing mirror to reinforced walls, according to one speculation.

Not all are convinced though that she will be included as one of the game's operatives. Some of the players mentioned that females are only allowed in the regular Spanish Army not in the Special Forces. Also, the fact that Del Manzano is an engineer may simply indicate that she will only play support.

Fortunately, YouTube presenter Prodigio Pete countered the engineer argument. He observed that several of the current Rainbow Six operatives are in fact engineers including Weiss, Streichter and Pichon. Nevertheless, gamers have plenty of time to theorize Mira's capabilities before her possible release next year.

Rainbow Six Siege Holiday Challenge

Meanwhile, Ubisoft is giving away various prizes to successful participants in the ongoing holiday Challenge. Kill ten enemies with a gadget or melee weapon and you get an Invisible Hat Charm. Killing 20 will get you the Kapkan Santa Charm. Participants who achieved 30 kills on or before December 27 will receive the Nutcracker Weapon Pattern.

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