‘Final Fantasy XV' Hajime Tabata Gives Special New Year Announcement; Reveals Upcoming Updates

‘Final Fantasy XV' Hajime Tabata Gives Special New Year Announcement; Reveals Upcoming Updates
Hajime Tabata, director of "Final Fantasy XV" has released a special announcement to celebrate the New Year. Read on and find out what he had to say to fans. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Avid fans and gamers of the newest installment to the “Final Fantasy” video game series are in for a treat as Square Enix celebrates the New Year with a special message from one of its directors. Hajime Tabata has just made special announcement for fans just this New Year regarding “Final Fantasy XV” updates.

“Final Fantasy XV” Hajime Tabata Makes A Special Announcement

To commemorate the New Year, Hajime Tabata, who is popularly known as the director for “Final Fantasy XV”, has posted a heartwarming message on the official blog website of Square Enix. He talked about the roads taken in making the latest and fifteenth main installment to the favorite role playing video game series. Along with the reflections, he also subtly hinted on upcoming updates for the said video game.

Everyone who followed the journey in the making of “Final Fantasy XV” would be well aware how long it took to finally get it released. Tabata has opened his New Year message reminiscing on how much he and the rest of the development team went through just to make and deliver the said video game. He emphasized how happy he is that it was finally delivered after a decade since it was officially announced.

He enumerated how far the said video game has got since its release by pointing out that Square Enix was able to launch it with subtitles in 12 languages and four complete voiced languages at a worldwide release. “Final Fantasy XV” was supposed to be released in October 2016 but was again delayed to the end of November 2016 because the developer said they needed more time to make sure they release the perfect “Final Fantasy XV” video game.

He also mentioned how grateful and satisfied he is that they were able to release the “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” movie and the “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV” animated series. These two media productions were released prior to the official launch of the video game, which focused on the story of the game and on the backgrounds of the characters that were not delved into in the game. Tabata has pointed out before that they will not be venturing deep on the story of “Final Fantasy XV” just like how it was with the previous “Final Fantasy” video games because they wanted to focuse on the gameplay and instead made a movie and series that will explain the story to players.

“Final Fantasy XV” New Updates Coming This Year

He also mentioned how the “Final Fantasy XV” mobile game spinoff, “Justice Monsters Five” paved way to bridge the real world with the new video game, letting countless people connect and understand the series. Unfortunately, “Justice Monsters Five” will be taken off the market soon and will be shut down on March 27 this year. On the other hand, Tabata did confirm that there will be new updates for fans to look forward to.

Tabata said he was grateful for many things related to “Final Fantasy XV” in 2016 and that this year, 2017, will be the time he gives back and makes up for the fans. He announced that Square Enix is working on more downloadable content update for “Final Fantasy XV” and will continue to make more updates. Square Enix has already revealed that a Season Pass that includes more story, new bosses, and new modes will be released this year but hopefully, they will be releasing more updates and more media productions.

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