Super Mario Run Receives 1.0.2 Patch For iOS; Game Features Improved

By Sarene Mae Butao , Jan 02, 2017 04:30 AM EST

The recently released update for Super Mario Run is now available for those who have the game in their iPhones. Users should look for Patch 1.0.2 on the App Store, however the changes in this update cannot be surely determined. Nintendo has claimed that they made improvements to some of the game's features, however they have not released any further details about it.

As a free-to-start game, Super Mario Run was recently released for those who are iPhone users. There are already millions who downloaded the Super Mario themed runner game. So for those who have not yet downloaded, you can sample the free game first before actually paying $9.99 as a cost for the game's full version.

The game already includes enough number of level and challenges which the players can explore. Since Super Mario Run is a runner game, it has all the elements of the classic platformer format of Super Mario but it has been made to be compatible for touchscreen controls. The Retina Display of the iPhone makes Mario games look great since it fully enhances how the game looks, as reported by Attack of the Fan Boy.

Mario's traditional platformer format has been put aside in Super Mario Run since Mario is now capable of running automatically, and he picks up coins and power-ups when the player makes use of the touch screen in jumping and bouncing off of the walls. Some of the usual game mechanics of Mario are also modified in this runner, and these are the features that make Mario apparently remarkable yet has somewhat been lost during this development.


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