Pokemon GO: The Next Pokemon Costume After The Santa Hat

By Gen Que , Jan 02, 2017 04:40 AM EST

Last Christmas season, Pokemon GO players got a treat from Niantic when they were able to catch a Santa hat-wearing Pikachu. Of course, the Santa hat was not limited to our favorite yellow Pokemon but also some selected ones as well. Now Pokemon Go fans are requesting what the next Pokemon costume will be.

A few months from now, winter will end then comes spring and then summer. Just this early, there are those who are already suggesting having a Pokemon GO summer special where Squirtle will be the main Pokemon and this time, he is wearing sunglasses.

Those who have watched the Pokemon anime series will not find this request unusual but instead, it makes more sense than Pikachu wearing a hat. In that particular series, a group of sunglasses-wearing Squirtle was creating trouble outside town. In one occasion, Ash and his team fell into a trap the Squirtle Squad had made. Ash thought it was Team Rocket but they were surprised when they saw these cool-looking turtles peeking up the hole. Pikachu and the leader had a battle but Officer Jenny arrived causing the Squirtle Squad to run.

After talking to Jenny, Ash and team learned that the turtles were abandoned by their trainers so they formed a group and called themselves the Squirtle Squad. Later in the story, Ash and the squad became allies and the Squirtle Squad became the firefighter of the town.

With that in mind, it is just fitting to feature Squirtle wearing sunglasses in the summer along with other Pokemon, such as Charizard or Chamander. It is also much better if this event will not be limited in the United States but around the world.

The plan to give different Pokemon different costumes have been revealed by Silph Road saying they have found the source code and phrases that reveal the costumes that will be worn by different Pokemon.

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