New Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
Want to keep your New Year's resolutions this time? Download these apps.
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A new year, a new set of resolutions.

It is not uncommon for people to set goals every start of a new year and fail miserably the next day. Some of the more popular resolutions include dieting, keeping fit, quitting vices, getting organized, graduating from school, learning something new, travelling, reading more, living life to the fullest, and creating an AI for your home. Well, the last one is reserved for billionaire geniuses.

It's easy to come up with a list of goals and resolutions. The hard part is keeping them.

Technology seemed to have noticed and is now giving you a chance to stay on track with your yearly challenges.

For 2017, these apps will be there for you:


Scribd is an app for those who promise to read more in 2017. It is perfect for readers, wanna-be readers, and former readers who have strolled from the path. It allows users access to numerous reading materials such as ebooks, magazines, graphic novels, and audiobooks. It gives personalized recommendations for your reading list while also providing students with a venue to find dissertations and other materials for research. Scribd is currently available for free but will require a membership fee of $9 a month after the 30-day trial period.

Bookout is great if you want to track your reading progress. It sets and keeps a record of the time you want to spend on reading.


New year, new language. That is another popular resolution which Facebook Mark Zuckerberg himself successfully did before when he learned Mandarin. For normal human beings, DuoLingo will offer great company as you learn to say "Bonjour!" with aplomb. DuoLingo makes language learning fun

with games and interaction with friends.

Speaking of fun, LingoZing is another language-learning app that makes use of a comic book to teach a new language.

C25K/Nike+ Training Club

Go out and jog more with the help of this app. C25K creates concrete goals with regards to your running regimen. It starts off with easier ones like a normal jog at the end of the day before progressing to a 5K run after a few weeks.

Nike+ Training Club does not just record time or set goals for runners. It's the whole enchilada. It takes into consideration the user's fitness level and goals before creating a personalized running routine. It also keeps you motivated through Facebook and other social apps.


Get rid of the extra pounds you gained during the holiday season with the help of apps such as MyFitnessPal and Shoptimix.

MyFitnessPal knows about 5 million different kinds of food. That vital piece of information will help the app tell you about the calories each food contains. It is compatible with fitness apps such as Runtastic and Apple Health so you get a complete process in terms of losing weight and keeping it off.

Part of any weight loss regimen is eating healthy. Shoptimix will help you shop for the right kinds of food for a healthier lifestyle.


If your life is a mess, the least you can do is to get apps such as Quip or Memento. These apps provide a little bit of organization in your life.

Quip helps you get organized with the help of lists, notes, spreadsheets and lots more. You can collaborate with other people in real time making it a great app for creating schedules and keeping tabs of what is being talked about.

Momento is a digital diary where you can write down notes, save photos, and grab posts from Facebook and other social apps. It does not only help you keep tabs of your day but it will also a nice way to look back at the recent past.

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