Holy Language Barrier, Batman! New LingoZing App Teaches New Language By Reading Comic Books

Want to learn a new language but the idea of attending language classes too boring or frustrating?

Learning a new language can be difficult if people don't put their mind and heart to it. There is a bit of good news, though. LingoZing has found a way to make the task of learning a new language something fun.

While some language learning apps require the student to listen to an old voice sputter words that seem alien, LingoZing brings outs the comic book fan in its customers.

The app uses comic book pages to teach a new language. It shows how the words translate to another language and how they are properly pronounced. The app may be utilized through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

The app's creators worked with some of the top graphic novel designers and digital comic makers to create a more exciting way to speak and understand "Voila! Tout y est!" which is spoken by Gargamel of "The Smurfs".

Users of the app can easily switch from the English language to a foreign one, particularly French and Portuguese.

Upon opening the app, the user gets to see the covers of different comic book titles. He or she can freely choose which one to use for that session's language learning. The titles can be browsed by Level, Age, Genre, or Creator.

The comic books in the apps library range from kid-friendly to ones that cater to older readers such as "Wytches" by Scott Snyder and "One Trick Rip-Off" by Pail Pope.

At first, though, only six comic book titles will be available. Three of them are originally published in English while the other three are in French. New titles will be offered depending on the company's Kickstarter campaign's success.

The LZGram even allows the users to record themselves practicing the foreign language. Hearing oneself speak is one way to know what to improve on.

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