Are UFOs Long Been A Part Of Human Civilization? Theorists Claim Signs Of UFO Can Be Seen In Ancient Paintings; Are They The Ancestors Of Art?

A number of conspiracy theorists have recently claimed that ancient artwork could possibly hide various signs that aliens have visited the human race before. They revealed that several centuries-old paintings, possess certain drawings and tapestries that allegedly expose the symbols and shapes that resemble to that of UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms.

Conspiracy Theorists Claim Signs Of UFO Can Be Seen In Ancient Paintings

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, art enthusiasts have already clarified that these claims are just mere examples of simple misreadings of religious symbols or figures. Such as the famous painting by Italian artist Carlo Crivelli in 1486, the 'Annuciation with Saint Emidius'. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the ring depicted in the top left, shining light onto Mary, is a UFO spacecraft. However, art experts say that it was just simply a small collection of angels that has been gathered around a circle of clouds. Experts have added that the ring and light allegedly is used to symbolize the holy spirit descending towards the Virgin Mary.

Furthermore, as reported by The Ancient Aliens, the Baptism of Christ which depicts a particular scene from the Bible has allegedly been perceived as more than just that. Conspiracy theorists say that there is apparently the presence of a flying saucer hovering over the scene with beams of light shining down and illuminating the event. Consequently, as art experts describe it, it turns out that Aert de Gelder, the painter of the said ancient painting, who is known to be one of the elite artists during his time, is most likely to intend his work to be taken seriously and not meant to show that Jesus had ties to aliens and perhaps was of alien origins.

It was found that other art masterpieces include the Japanese illustration from 'Ume No Chiri', in 1844. Conspiracy theorists say that the painting depicts the UFO-like object, which Hitachi sailors discovered floating in the ocean. As well as the renowned Madonna with Saint Giovannino, which has been painted on the 15th Century, as per various conspiracy theorists, an alien spacecraft is reportedly strangely flying in the right portion of Mary's background.


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