Are Aliens The Real Nazis After All? UFO Sighting In Antarctica Claims That A Nazi UFO Has Been Buried In Antarctic Ice

A new conspiracy theory surrounding alien existence has recently been published after it has exposed the mysterious discrepancies claiming that the Antarctic region may possibly hide a Nazi UFO base. It was found that the said theory has reportedly been speculated by a team of UFO Hunters, who said that the Nazis have built secret bases in Antarctica during World War 2 and something that the Americans encountered during "Operation Highjump" which was specifically designed to be used by UFOs.

UFO Sighting In Antarctica Claims That Aliens Are Nazis

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, the alleged mysterious Antarctic anomaly has been found in an area of frozen wasteland in Antarctica known as Wilkes Land. UFO enthusiasts said that the vast coverage stretches for a distance of around 150 miles (240 km) across and reaches a maximum depth of around 850 meters (2,790 feet). A video which has been posted on YouTube by conspiracy theorist channel "secureteam10," has revealed that scientists have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf, up to date.

Furthermore, the International Business Times has also reported that in the YouTube video, it has discussed that the gravity in this part of the Antarctic ice shelf is much higher than in any other part, and rules out any volcanic eruption which has led conspiracy theorists to say that this is indeed a hidden Nazi UFO base. Additionally, it was found that the team of UFO hunters has also added that there is one more possibility that the US Navy led a mission to investigate the mysterious anomaly. They revealed that it allegedly quotes the leader of the aforementioned Operation Highjump saying that his fleet was attacked by what seemed like UFOs. Ultimately, not all are convinced by the said theory, some researchers are convinced that the anomaly is the result of an asteroid impact twice the size of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.


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