GTA V Online Release New Vehicle Vendetta Game Mode, Classic Bike, Double GTA$, RP Bonus

By Benjie Batanes , Jan 03, 2017 04:10 AM EST

GTA V Online continues to bring all sorts of goodies and contents to its players. There's a new game mode, bike and a chance to double your GTA$ and RP.

New GTA V Game Mode

GTA V Online has added another Adversary Mode called Vehicle Vendetta. The official website assures players that the police won't interfere as your team and opponents create road wide mayhem. The new game mode also offers power-ups that you can use to beat up your enemy.

The best Vehicle Vendetta power-up is the Beast which transforms players to Rhino Tanks. Another item also allows you place up to three bombs on the road to discourage opponents from following you. This is where the Detonator comes in handy. You can use it to clear the road of bombs and other obstacles.

This latest GTA V Online game mode also offers twice the GTA$ and RP to all participants. You better hurry though since the bonus will only last up to January 17.

Your Grandad Rode This Bike

The New GTA V Online bike is definitely old-school with emphasis on old. The Pegassi FCR though is a customizable classic that will turn color your grandpa green with envy. This bike is completely the opposite of the Tron bike but they provide the same riding thrill.

More Discounts, Bonuses But...

GTA V Online is giving out more discounts on Vehicle Exports, Warehouse Renovations, Engine Upgrades, Masks and Body Armor as well as ammo. Players who want the Grenade Launcher can also get it at half the price. The discounts will only be valid up to January 6.

It would be nice though if Rockstar Games can also slip a GTA V story mode. Industry observers believed that a single player mode is unlikely at this time. The developer is concentrating all of its effort in the online aspect since it's the most profitable one right now.

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