Mother 3 Joining Nintendo Switch Virtual Console (VC) Line Up (Rumor)

Mother 3 will reportedly come out on the Nintendo Switch virtual console (VC). If true, this would be one of the most highly anticipated games for the upcoming platform.

Source of Rumor

Laura Dale boldly claimed that Mother 3 will come out as a Switch VC title in this year's second quarter. He also claimed that Nintendo officials will make the announcement during the January 12 product presentation. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify this rumor except on that day itself. If this rumor turns out to be false, this can damage Dale's reputation, according to wwg.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation

The Japanese game maker is scheduled to reveal more about the Switch on the evening of January 12. A more detailed presentation will be presented live from Tokyo. Overseas viewers can also watch it via online streaming.

About The Mother Game Series

The Mother series is currently a trilogy that spans for almost three decades. The first Mother title was released as a NES game way back on 1989. It was only available though in Japan. Western gamers only got hold of the second installment in the SNES in the 1990s. Japanese players know the second title as Mother 2 but the West knows it as Earthbound.

Mother 3 was released more than 10 years ago. It was initially developed for the Super Famicom but eventually ended up in the Game Boy Advance. Unfortunately, the third installment did not reached the Western shores. Desperate fans eventually resorted to translating it just to play Mother 3.

This means that the Switch version will simply present an official translation of a game that has been in existence for over a decade. It's also possible that the developer has updated game's graphics and storyline. Fans though would be happy to get it in any form if the rumors are true. A lot of them are keeping their fingers cross when January 12 arrives.

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