Sex Change Surgery: National Geographic Records Procedure Live

The 17-year-old transgender, Emmie Smith, has gone through a sex change surgery otherwise known as gender reassignment surgery last year and she allowed National Geographic to document the process. According to reports, Smith invited the channel to record the surgery to demystify the process as most people are curious about what happens during the procedure.

Smith underwent the sex change surgery on August 30, 2016 to align her gender to her identity according to reports. Lynn Johnson of the National Geographic was allowed by Smith to capture the whole procedure and was recently revealed in a report on the said network channel. The photographers and videographers of the network have documented Smith's thought about the procedure as well as her family and her doctors.

"I think people are fascinated by gender reassignment surgery, they're insatiably curious about it," Smith tells National Geographic in her video before the surgery. She continues by saying, "It's not science fiction or mythology. It's what happens to women just trying to be at peace with themselves and their bodies."

The documentary video of the sex change surgery has been striking and the details were bold. The procedure was initially explained by the attending surgeon explaining how the glans penis is turned into a clitoris, the skin of the organ is then turned into the labia minora and some parts turned into the opening of the new, female organ. The explanation continues saying that the scrotal skin will be taken off to be used as the lining of the female organ.

According to Pink News, Smith fortunately did not have to worry about family disapproval as the surgery was supported by her mother Kate and her identical twin Caleb. Although her mom who apparently is a reverend in an Episcopal Church has shown her support and unconditional love for her daughter as she encourages her before and during the procedure.

Smith has chosen to take the procedure before she finally steps into college. By undergoing the gender transition, Smith hopes that by showing how the procedure takes place, she will spark an informed and compassionate discussion about the difficulties trans people are going through. After the sex change surgery, Smith reveals that the physical transition has been the best decision she had in her life.

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