Extra Terrestrial Life Search: Alien Searching Telescope 'Supper Hubble' Fails Pre-launch Test

By Mandy Adams , Jan 05, 2017 12:31 PM EST

Extraterrestrial life search could experience some setbacks after the James Webb telescope failed the latest vibration tests. After twenty years of designing, constructing, and testing, the Supper Hubble telescope was almost ready for a 2018 launch. Unfortunately, NASA's most powerful telescope yet, failed vibration tests.

James Webb Telescope Testing

In December, NASA places their biggest telescope under a vibration test to simulate a rocket launch. The telescope failed the test. It was not damaged and tests are set to resume later in January.

The computers forced the telescope to shut down after unexpected responses were detected. The telescope has been undergoing various tests since November in preparation for its October 2018 launch. The $8.8 billion telescope is still working although further testing is necessary to correct any anomalies before the launch.

The program director for the project, Eric Smith, confirmed that their goal is to conduct a "review of their findings, conclusions, and plans."

 Search for Extraterrestrial life

The James Webb telescope is one of NASA's most powerful tools. As reported by Phys Org, the telescope will resume testing in January. The successful launch of this telescope can advance the agency's knowledge of how the universe works.

This telescope is expected to reveal more details about the universe including evidences of alien life forms. According to the Daily Mail report, the telescope can reveal events up to 13.5 billion years ago. Since the telescope is powerful enough to see beyond cosmic dust, it can reveal the place where planets and stars are born.

Aside from that, this could improve mankind's knowledge of other planets in the Milky Way. Plus, it could be the breakthrough that scientists need to find alien life. Although there are reports of extraterrestrials sightings, NASA is yet to confirm any of these claims.

If the telescope could pass further tests, it could still be on track for a 2018 launch. Once the Webb telescope is out there, chances of finding signs of extraterrestrial life would be higher.

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