Kim Kardashian-Endorsed Morning Sickness Pills Questioned For Its Potency

The Kim Kardashian-Endorsed morning sickness pills is currently being questioned for its potency. Recent reports claim that the pills supposedly helping pregnant women counter the side-effects of morning sickness are not effective after all. Some doctors though disagree.

The famous Kim Kardashian has posted a photo with her holding a Diclegis pills bottle when she was pregnant, apparently endorsing it. The Food and Drug Administration has then questioned the manufacturing company for then concealing the risks of the pills and now, the institution is once again questioning the drug, this time for its potency.

Diclegis has two main components which claim to eliminate nausea among pregnant women: pyridoxine and doxylamine. Millions of people reportedly have already taken the medication endorsed by different health agencies, obstetricians and even Kim Kardashian. However, an unsettling question was recently raised as published on Wednesday. According to Fox News, researchers in Toronto reviewed thousands of pages containing data from a clinical trial of Diclegis in the 1970s which was never published.

The new analysis being conducted to investigate on the potency of the anti-morning sickness pills and is authored by family physician Nav Persaud is reportedly the key in obtaining the approval of Canada for the use of Diclectin. Following this, the researchers studied the old clinical trial which have been conducted by Merrell-National Laboratories. The study then involved 2308 patients from 14 U.S. clinics in the United States who were already in their 12th week of pregnancy experiencing nausea and vomiting.

This trial, according to Persaud, has been successful, however it was unfinished, lacks details to support it, and vital information about the study were absent. He then said that he stopped prescribing the drug as there were no proofs to support its potency. "I was surprised that there were so many serious problems with a study that forms the basis for approval and prescribing," Persaud said as cited by WFMZ News. "I have stopped prescribing this medication." He also called out to FDA, medical groups and Health Canada to conduct their own study of the case.

Following this, Duchesnay Inc. responded to the allegations on the potency and safety of Diclegis and Diclectin. The Canadian pharmaceutical company said that the drug has been approved by FDA as safe and effective, hence it should not be questioned. The spokeswoman of FDA then released a statement confirming the stand of Duchesnay Inc. and other doctors support the drug which was even supported by Kim Kardashian for its efficacy.

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