Intel Core i7-700K 14nm+ Kaby Lake Preview: Is It Worth The Investment?

By Anj C , Jan 05, 2017 06:41 PM EST

The i7-7700K is the most powerful processor of Intel's new "Kaby Lake" generation of PC or desktop's processors. A forthright successor to the Skylake 6700K, this new model looks higher clock speeds, enhanced graphics performance, and a slightly more efficient architecture.

The seventh generation of Intel Core chips must offer a minor improvement on the sixth-generation processors. There have been no wholesale changes so far in terms of physical design; the chip has been produced using hugely the same 14nm (nanometre) fabrication process as the fifth- (Broadwell) and also the sixth-generation (Skylake) chips. In basic terms, the smaller the process, the more powerful and thus efficient, a processor can be. Intel labels the process used on Kaby Lake chips "14nm+", with each specific transistor benefiting from a taller, thinner design for strong efficiency.

Intel i7700k Specs And What You Should Know

The i7-7700K is, as believed, a quad core with Hyper-Threading (HT) with a total of eight threads. The base clock comes along in at 4.2 GHz (vs 4.0 GHz for the 6700K) boosting a single core to 4.5 GHz, at the same time all cores boost to 4.4 GHz. Another 200 MHz improvement over Skylake. The new CPU sports a precise 14nm+ process while still using the Tri-Gate 3D transistors. Power use/TDP is down to 91W, can save of almost 5% over the 95W 6700K. The cooling medium or thermal paste is more likely found in Skylake. De-lids of the 7700K are still a great potential according to some sources. This should not be mandatory in most cases, short of the Benching Team indeed pushing things to the limit.

The Fastest And Powerful Chip On The Market

With the i7-7700K, we can measure how much of an improvement Intel has created with Kaby Lake. Well, it's the most powerful chip on the market ever with all the features you would expect to see from a desktop processor. It's definitely worth your cash. Stay tuned for more updates.


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