Raspberry Pi Pixel Desktop Released For Mac And PC

After making the new PIXEL operating system for the Raspberry Pi mini PC range the official Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a version of the Debian operating system and is now ready to run on both PC or Mac systems.This December's official Raspberry Pi MagPi magazine comes complete with a bootable DVD on the cover letting you get up and running on your larger desktop PC in no time at all.

The New PIXEL OS Which Is Now Supported By Both PC And Mac

No PC, though, small or cheap, is any use without an operating system and with applications. The Raspberry Pi cost $39.99 at Amazon uses Linux in a number of flavors, but way back in September the Foundation launched Pixel, which is short for Pi Improved XWindows Environment, Lightweight. It implies to be the best guess as to what the majority of users are looking for in a desktop environment and it was well acquired by the Raspberry Pi-owning community. Moreover, the Foundation settled to go a step further and today released Pixel to download for all PC and Mac users.

How To Install Pixel On Your Machine

To install the Pixel desktop environment on your desktop or Mac, you need to download the ISO image file and after downloading the ISO, you can to burn it to a DVD or you can also make a bootable USB drive. If you prefer to go with the USB drive option, you can also use Pixel without installing it on your PC, and anything you save gets stored in a persistence partition on the USB drive itself. In addition, In the case of DVD, it is not possible.

Bear in mind, you must backup your data before installing the ISO on your main desktop or Mac. The reason is because the ISO is not a reliable build. Alternatively, you can also hook up the ISO on a virtual machine.

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