Overwatch Update Arabic Translations In The Oasis Map

By Gen Que , Jan 06, 2017 04:00 AM EST

The Overwatch update features a new map called Oasis, a beautiful city in Iraq filled with breathtaking landscape and structures that reflect middle-eastern culture. It's not just the landscape and the architecture but the whole language shouts Middle East; thus, it is not surprising to see that the language used is Arabic. Here is the translation for all those labels, signs, and instructions in English.

The City Center

The City Center of Oasis is the hub of Oasis and where the unfinished Tower of Babel stands as the backdrop. In the movie theater, you will find a movie poster with an Arabic title which is simply translated in English as Hero of the Storm with D.Va (Hana Song) as one of its stars.

Further, you will see another sign on a building arch which has tables, some floating servers, and a kitchen. That will give you a hint already because the word on the archway simply reads "buffet."

The next sign is at the second spawn point found at the other side of the map. It is a hotel named Golden Tower Hotel in English with rooms that only heroes who can climb walls can access.

When you walk along the streets, you will see a poster of a car that reminds you of snails. That already gives you a hint to what the poster says because it literally says 'snails.'

As you explore further, you will see four different colored banners. The green-colored one says Ministry of Biology; royal blue - Ministry of Physics; aquamarine - Ministry of Genetics; and pink - Ministry of Geology. The icons or symbols on these banners also give you a hint what they are all about.

University Oasis

Blizzard must have modeled the University Oasis after Baghdad's House of Wisdom. When you come out of the spawns, you'll see some sort of a billboard that will either be blue or yellow. The sign simply reads "Guide."

You will also see two other monitors with the icons of a beaker and an atom. The left monitor tells you that the data is already being processed while the right monitor asks for your login information.

Gardens Oasis

At the Gardens Oasis, there's only one Arabic writing which says "boat port." The image on the board, of course, gives a hint.

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