Here's What Overwatch Characters Are Doing This Christmas

By Gen Que , Dec 22, 2016 04:20 AM EST

The cat is already out of the bag about Tracer being gay - a news that is welcomed with joy and relief (after months of speculations and various fan theories) by the Overwatch community. However, that was not the only thing revealed in the recently released Overwatch comics, "Reflections." In fact, it also revealed other interesting facts about each characters.

The comics gave a glimpse of each Overwatch characters' side we don't often see during the game. One of the first reveal in that movie after Tracer was how Winston was so sad without friends and family at his side on Christmas. It also revealed that London will be experiencing a terrible snowstorm during Christmastime.

The comics also showed McCree and Sombra drinking at a bar. They did not appear to be together as each of them are sitting at both ends of the bar. While Sombra was leisurely sipping her drinks, McCree was already stoned and appeared unconscious by too much alcohol.

In another panel, we saw a heartbreaking silhouette of the Widowmaker standing in front of her husband's grave. The image was a mystery because in the Overwatch lore, she was the one who killed her husband yet in the comics she appeared to be mourning for him. This gives another theory that perhaps the Widowmaker did not kill her husband on purpose but she was under mind control.

Then, there's the hulking Torbjörn playing Santa Claus to his handful of kids. He was sitting comfortably on a chair while his wife and children surround him listening to the story he is reading. Meanwhile, Roadhog and Junkrat were on a road trip. Wherever they've been or what they're doing is a mystery.

Another heartwarming scene was Hanzo staring at a cake with a little boy behind him. However, it's not clear whether he will buy the cake for the boy or he is staring at the cake remembering something. While Genji was writing a letter to someone, Mercy received a letter and seemed like she was in a place where battle was talking place.

Lastly, Zenyatta decided to just meditate during Christmas and peacefully looking at Genji writing his letter. Pharah, on the hand, is on a dinner date with someone, most probably her father.

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