Catch Pokemon Sun And Moon's Weirdest Critter

By Gen Que , Jan 06, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon fans are now all abuzz again with a new theory regarding one of the cutest Pokemon - Komala, the cute koala which is always sleeping and holding on tightly to a piece of log. Komala's Pokedex describes the Pokemon as an adorable Pokemon that looks like a koala. It has a strange behavior where it does nothing but cling to its trainer. But more than its trainer, the Komala is strangely attached to a piece of log. It has been said that removing that piece of log will trigger its anger causing ti to attack the person.

According to fans, Komala is not really the Pokemon but the piece of log that it is holding on to. CyrinFromJohto, the REddit user who posted the theory, said that it is not strange to see animals exist in the Pokemon world. Therefore, Komala is just a regular koala while the real Pokemon is that critter disguising itself as a piece of wood, something similar to Klink or Kleki. The reason why Komala is always sleeping is because the log puts it into coma or deep sleep and uses the koala to carry it helping it to be alive.

The fans pointed several reasons why the log is the Pokemon. First of all, Komala is not affected by any status changes no matter what happens. Furthermore, its special ability called Comatose allows it to sleep continuously and at the same time attack other Pokemon while sleeping. Komala does not get hurt whether you will use fire, ice, or anything.

Fans also pointed out the fact that Komala is classified as a shiny Pokemon. However, its the log that undergoes some colorful shiny changes and not Komala - from brown to pink. The koala, on the other hand, remains unaffected.

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