Online Leak Reveals HTC Is Preparing Vive-Branded Smartphone: What Do We Know So Far?

By Victor Thomson , Jan 08, 2017 10:38 PM EST
An online leak revealed that HTC appears to be preparing a Vive-branded smartphone. (Photo : HTC/YouTube)

Online leaked information suggests that HTC is working on a Vive smartphone.

HTC's Vive Smartphone

At one point last year, tech experts were speculating that HTC might consider exiting the smartphone business. However, it seems that this speculation does not prove to be true, as the company has new smartphone projects in works.

HTC has been teasing on Twitter for weeks a Jan. 12 event that will announce what the company has in store in 2017. For some time now, tech experts have speculated that HTC release three new smartphones at the event, specifically the One X10, U Play and HTC U Ultra.

Now, a leaked video hints at what's to come from HTC in the future. The new online leak gives us now a better idea what that clue means. Evan Blass, a well-known leaker has revealed on Twitter more details about HTC's future smartphone plans.

Leaked HTC Video

A promo video that is showcasing HTC's smartphone efforts is clearly showing that the company is preparing this time to try something really different. The video clip mostly centers on experiments with unusual and original smartphone designs, such as splashes of color or using cloth as a case material.

Towards the end of the video, in one of the most interesting parts, we can see how HTC briefly shows a Vive-branded phone. This is clearly suggesting that the company aims to use the leverage on the popularity of its virtual reality headset in order to increase its smartphone market share.

During the video, HTC pokes fun at companies that produce generic looking smartphones without taking any risks. The video is stating the idea that most of the smartphones today "fail to emotionally connect" with their users. A number of OnePlus, Apple, Nokia Lumia and Samsung devices are shown off in the video to exemplify that statement.

HTC promises its fans that it is going to change this status quo by experimenting with some bold finishes, as well as a host of new materials and colors. The focus of the company's design team is to create devices that are truly personalized.

The Vive-branded smartphone shown towards the end of the video appears to feature a very industrial-looking design. The device has a metal unibody and features a unique take on antenna bands that sit along at top and bottom and either side of the rear.

According to Android Headlines, HTC have included the HTC Vive logo on the rear of the mobile device, in order to highlight the Vive capabilities of the smartphone. Considering the popularity that its Vive headset has garnered over the past year, it might indeed be a good move if HTC plans to release a smartphone built around the Vive brand.

Considering the limited amount of smartphones that support Samsung's Gear VR or Google Daydream, a HTC Vive smartphone built around VR capabilities could easily increase sales. Details about the upcoming Vive smartphone are still scarce. According to Engadget, the future HTC mobile device might come with a custom approach to mobile VR or provide support for Google's Daydream VR platform.

The Vive-branded smartphone could as well be an attempt to use a familiar brand name. If HTC is going to unveil this mobile device at its Jan. 12 event, we might find more details.

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