Frozen Dinner Bought More Than Just For Convenience

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 09, 2017 02:58 AM EST

Frozen dinner is popular since it is easy to prepare. Such dinners though are also unhealthy as they have ingredients which would be disproportionate from its servings. A study has found that frozen dinner is bought more than just for convenience.

Frozen dinner is bought as is from supermarkets. Many of them are already prepared and would just take a few minutes in the microwave oven to heat. Many of these dinners though have high amounts of sodium and saturated fat, making them an unhealthy choice.

The main reason for buying frozen dinner is because of its ease to prepare. The study made by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Duke University has found that there's more its ease as to why frozen dinner is popular. The study shows that there are more reasons why people buy frozen dinner.

While time is one of the main reasons why frozen dinner is chosen, other factors also contribute to its popularity. At least 49 percent of those surveyed say that their family likes the taste of frozen dinner. About one third of the respondents have also said that their children help in preparing the meals. Another factor that should be considered is its cost, according to Science Daily.

Melissa Horning, Ph.D., RN, PHN has said that marketing and convenience has played a role in the popularity of frozen dinner. Other studies related to it have found that frozen dinner has been chosen by parents who are working long hours. This has made them to choose processed, easy to cook dinner, as News Wise reports.

Frozen dinner is an easy way of cooking, but at the same time it could give less nutrients. Concerns on frozen dinner include people not eating enough fruit and vegetables into their diet. This could have health consequences later on. The rise of heart related diseases should be taken into consideration when choosing frozen dinner.

As society becomes even more hectic, people are choosing easier ways to get food. The study has shown that frozen dinner has been bought more than just for convenience. Also having a nap after lunch has been found to be good for the brain.

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