UFO Sighting 2017: Giant Antarctic Staircase Allegedly Used For UFO Landing

An alleged giant staircase spotted in the Antarctica is being speculated by many as a legit UFO sighting 2017 incident. Alien hunters are also speculating the mysterious discovery as another evidence of extraterrestrial life existing on Earth. Following the discovery, several groups came up with their own theories on what the site could really be.

A satellite imagery of the Antarctica reportedly shows what appears to be a giant staircase probably made of ice or snow. A wide range of people are then speculating the staircase-like structure to be an alien landing proof. Despite this original claim, there are other theories that surfaced about the real origin of the said structure.

Users of the Godlike Productions which is a forum for popular conspiracy theories shared different takes on the discovery. Some users claim that the site was used as a landing area for UFOs as it is believed that the structure was once a step pyramid. According to Inquisitr, the supposed pyramids like the Saqqara of Egypt were once used by aliens in finding a safe landing site.

While most would think that it is an evidence of another UFO sighting 2017, some other groups believe that the site was a proof of an advanced civilization that might have existed in the Antarctica. The old legend of the City of Atlantis was linked to this mysterious discovery, claiming that the ancient civilization was really located in the Antarctica as noted by the Daily Express.

A more far-fetched theory claims that the site reveals a home of a secret Nazi base or an alien base where a type of extraterrestrial race lives underneath for decades now. Another user studying the image suggest that the structure is actually a track of a UFO that crashed in the area as it looked more like a landing site than an Egyptian pyramid step.

However, there are skeptics debunking the claims saying that the site is a well-planned hoax set up by NASA. A user in the said forum shares that NASA is only creating a set up that will look like a proof of an alien encounter. The posting user though could not explain why he believes so. An administrator then catches attention saying that the steps look more like the tubes on Mars, again sparking talks of a real proof to a UFO sighting 2017.

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