'Star Trek' Enterprise-Like Spacecraft Sighting In Canada Makes UFO Skeptic A Believer

A 'Star Trek' Enterprise-like spacecraft has allegedly been spotted by a skeptic hovering in the skies of Canada. The man who was said to be an unbeliever of extraterrestrial objects happened to capture an unexplainable flying object with his camera while near his house earlier this week.

Chad Haines from the Random Island in Canada, who was a self-proclaimed alien skeptic has captured images of a strange object which seemed to him to be like a spaceship. After handing the clip to the media, he said that he might be the last person to believe in the existence of aliens but later admitted that he was startled by the incident and is now a believer of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO).

After witnessing the unidentified object hovering over the lake near his home, Haines admits that he cannot explain what else the object could have been other than being an extraterrestrial object. He revealed that the alleged UFO was flying up and down, near to the moon, and that it stayed up flying for two to three hours.

According to the Daily Express, Haines said that it remained still most of the time then again moved up and down until it quickly shoot off out of his sight. Following the activity of the alleged UFO, Haines said that he was sure that the object was not a plane and it was also much larger for it to be a drone.

The video of the supposed UFO was then uploaded by Tyler Glockner, a UFO hunter and the founder of Secure Team 10 on YouTube. He captioned it with: "Something [has been] caught flying in the skies over Canada." He even described the flying object as a "Star Trek" Enterprise-like spacecraft.

According to Tyler, there was a similar sighting from the same spot in 1978. The police officers who witnessed the mysterious flying object said that they saw a cigar-shaped space craft hovering over Random Island. They were, however, subjected to too much ridicule that he incident was ever brought up for discussion again.

According to the Inquisitr, the same object seen by Haines was spotted, this time in the United Kingdom in 2016. A family from the West Yorkshire reportedly was out for a sightseeing when they noticed a dark image in one of the photos they captured. Upon enlarging the image, the family said that the object looks like a disk similar to the "Star Trek" Enterprise spacecraft.

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