Red Cross Criticizes British Healthcare As Causing "Humanitarian Crisis"

The head of the British Red Cross criticizes the British healthcare as part of the "humanitarian crisis". Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May officially stated that she doesn't acknowledge the description. 

Mike Adamson, the Red Cross chief executive in Britain, said the comment was justified as it is obvious that there is a "threat" posed to the nation's health and wellbeing due to the pressures on the National Health Service (NHS). 

He explains that there is a "significant change" in demand for the Red Cross's assistance recently by the NHS. The charity is now working in 20 A&Es. 

Adamson further says that he blames underfunding of social care and a series of systemic failures for bringing about a crisis, the RTE reports.  

Red Cross criticizes that a lot of patients who are released from the hospital go to dirty homes where they don't get enough resources or assistance to clean themselves. He also stresses that the environment where patients are supposed to recover are similarly unhygienic and does not support rehabilitation. 

He elaborates that it is this kind of situation that made him accuse the NHS as causing a "humanitarian crisis." 

He also referred to recent deaths at Worcestershire Royal Hospital as drastic examples. However he generalized that patients were suffering "prolonged physical and mental distress on a broad scale". 

The Red Cross was criticized for describing the situation facing the NHS as a "humanitarian crisis" after it was revealed last week that hospital departments rejected patients more than 140 times in December. 

Just like in Canada, health services are suffering low performance as funding is deemed inadequate. 

According to the Telegraph, Adamson, called on the government to take care of its citizens by providing health services that are properly funded.  

Red Cross criticizes the Prime Minister for denying about the funding problems and calls for the government to rethink its funding plans in the longer term.  

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