Mental Health Services Are Ridiculously Out Of Reach For Many

There is a dire need for more responsive and affordable mental health services in the northern hemisphere. Canadian residents are complaining about the unfortunate situation and crying out for the government for better services. The problem is a global one and should be given the attention it deserves.

A large portion of the population doesn't have access to mental health services or even afford continued sessions with a mental health professional as described earlier.

This problem is particularly pronounced in regions where mental health issues are more observed and given importance. In Ontario, residents line up early in the morning just to avail to whatever mental health service they can get.

One patient has been undergoing behavioral therapy sessions for his anxiety, drug addiction, and eating disorder for years. He has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar disorder.

He talks to the The Star and says he has made some major breakthroughs in his behavior, but that he still struggles with the affordability and availability of the therapy.

Previously, he worked full time and was able to afford a $60 rate per session with a psychologist. However, he lost his job and is now worried about the continuity of his recovery since most therapists charge $90 to $125 an hour.

Across the United States and England, the problem with accessibility and affordability of mental health services is growing as more and more patients demand therapy that they can afford.

Then there is the problem with health care insurance. A lot of people are frustrated by the meager coverage of insurances. Most of the time, they have to spend money from their pockets to pay for the therapy that they need, TWC News reports.

Although state services prove to be helpful in some areas, there are situations in which patients feel frustrated and helpless. With the current situation of mental health services, they are given the choice to wait in long lines to avail services from a public funded therapist, or the quick access of exorbitantly priced private ones.

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