HIV Spread Because Of Cosmetic Procedure Is Now Being Investigated: Are Cosmetics Not Safe Anymore? Details Inside

Cosmetic products and treatments are usually meant for making the aesthetic aspect of a person to look good, but little did we know that it can actually be a culprit to a life changing disease. England's public health (PHE) officials are currently investigating the possibility of blood-borne viruses such as HIV being transmitted through a commonly available over the counter cosmetic treatment. The said investigation of these products has come after the three members of staff working in North West beauty salons has allegedly suffered needlestick injuries while carrying out needle microdermabrasion.

HIV Spread Because Of Cosmetic Products Now Being Investigated

According to reports revealed by Telegraph, a certain procedure known as needle microdermabrasion has allegedly risen in popularity in recent years and is available in beauty salons and cosmetic surgeries, the said procedure involves a handset, with a needle-studded cylindrical roller attached to it, being moved across the face. PHE experts believe that this process can consequently create multiple small punctures which can result in bleeding and the generation of serous fluid where it has been applied. Thus, it was found that if there would be needlestick injuries from salon staff or cross-contamination to clients occurs, there would be a serious risk of transmission of blood-borne viruses including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Furthermore, in one of his statements reported by Free Malaysia Today, former president of the Malaysian Medical Association, Dr. H Krishna Kumar has revealed that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be possibly be transmitted during invasive procedures such as certain cosmetic treatments. He said that this is most likely the reason why local barbers use disposable blades, because when you shave, you can injure yourself and reach the blood vessels which can then spread blood-borne diseases like HIV. Dr. Kumar has highly emphasized the fact that beauticians who were not trained to prevent blood-borne diseases are the ones who commonly performs cosmetic treatments and not doctors who were apparently experts. Ultimately, the former Malaysian Medical Association president has claimed that until the Public Health England has completed its investigations, there's no way of affirming the said transmission and its possibilities.


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