HIV Patients Under The Republican Obamacare Faces Their Biggest Challenge: The Repulsion Of Their Benefits, What Future Awaits Them?

A number of scientists have long been dreading for the treatment that could possibly be used in HIV. Apart from that, health authorities from across the globe have also been found to conclusively show that the treatment, if successfully discovered, would not only improve the health of people infected with HIV, but to also stop the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS. As one of the public health concerns that a number of Republicans face, the attempt to overhaul the law known as the Affordable Care Act that has brought health insurance coverage to some 20 million people which have included tens of thousands of Americans living with HIV was found to have been recently being considered to be repealed.

HIV Patients Under The Republican Obamacare Faces The Repulsion Of Their Benefits

According to reports revealed by Reuters, although the said roadmap is yet to be finalized, it is seen to allegedly keep the Medicaid expansion and the new individual insurance plans in place and somehow delay the major changes for up to three years. Hence, the move would be able to give Republicans more time to come up with a replacement plan. However, despite this proposition, one thing is not yet clear; if individual insurance prices would skyrocket during the delay or what the new coverage will look like.

It was found that HIV experts are reportedly among the groups, which includes insurers and hospitals that have apparently started lobbying lawmakers. Health authorities have also revealed that they want to keep the current level of insurance coverage in place and say that even "repeal and delay" would disrupt care; it would still be able to put patients in jeopardy and adversely increase the risk of transmission of a deadly communicable disease.

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, U.S. Republican President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday kept up his attacks on Democrats and Obamacare while calling for a bipartisan effort in Congress to come up with a healthcare alternative that would allegedly lower the costs and improve quality of care. It was found that HIV experts in Republican states have already been arguing with the issue of caring for patients with HIV. Ultimately, Vice President-elect Mike Pence has claimed that the transition team is being mindful of disrupting the market but at the same time, he has allegedly signaled that a replacement plan would not be in place at the time the law is repealed.

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