Razer's Project Valerie, Project Ariana Spell The Future Of Gaming

The branding of Razer has been tried and tested in the gaming world and its name has therefore been solidified. But while it has perfected the art of gaming laptops and mice in the years it has been in the industry, it proved at the Consumer Electronics Show that it can pave the way for the future as well. Its Project Valerie and Project Ariana are how home-docked gaming will be in a few years.

As Pocket Lint notes, Project Valerie is not for the faint of heart. It has three 4K screens for the most immersive gaming experience. Each 17.3-inch screen is fitted with Nvidia G-Sync technology, which theoretically provides a seamless transition between frames. The screens, when placed properly, provide a 180-degree view.

To make the experience more whole, Razer also fitted its Project Valerie with Nvidia's Surround View technology in order to spread a single image throughout all three screens. At this point, not much else is known in terms of GPU, CPU or memory, but the company has confirmed it is powerful. That is, powerful enough to run either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift headset. As these virtual reality headsets require only the most powerful of PCs, interested individuals are sure not to be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Razer's Project Ariana allows PC titles to be played either on a television screen or on a wall. A gaming projector is paired up with a television screen and then displays the image of the game to the rest of the projected space. Gamers will theoretically be able to immerse themselves in games simply because of the grandiosity of it all.

"We see Project Ariana as the future of gaming immersion and a great showcase of what our Razer Chroma lighting technology can do," VentureBeat quotes Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO, and co-founder. Ariana uses Razer's Chroma lightning technology, which is then mixed with a laser sensor, 4K video projection technology and code integration that is worked on with different publishers.

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