The Reason Behind 'Pokemon Go Plus', 'Nintendo NES' And 'Nintendo Switch' Limited Supplies Unveiled

By Staff writer , Jan 10, 2017 11:41 PM EST

Both the Nintendo NES Classic and Pokémon GO Plus have proven to be hard-to-get items and the latest report has appeared to indicate that it will also be the same for the Nintendo Switch unless you opt towards Pre-Ordering.

The Switch will be limited

This is according to the latest report, claiming that there could be a limited supply of Nintendo Switch consoles during its official release date. At the same time, a new retail source has surfaced, reporting that when the new console does roll out, there will likely only a limited 30-unit maximum for every GameStop store in the US.

That clearly doesn't sound like a lot, and with GameStop being a huge US games retailer, it seems very unlikely that the Japanese gaming company will be supplying other places with higher stock numbers. Nintendo themselves haven't even said anything on the matter and are slated to give the official news on their new console on January 13.

Nintendo's problem with stocks

It's becoming somewhat of a trend with Nintendo's most recent releases, where stock problems have hampered fans trying to buy the NES Classic Edition, as well as the Pokémon GO Plus wearable.

Even until now, months after their official release, both products are still very hard to get hold of. This would ultimately mean that fans may want to consider pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch, although they might want to hold off for now until they will know more about the product.

Rumors, Promises, & Leaks

Nintendo has already promised more stocks for the NES Classic Edition during the New Year. There are also rumors that Pokémon GO developers, Niantic, will be announcing their very own version of the Pokémon GO Plus wearable.

The Nintendo Switch presentation will take place this week, but a hastily deleted tweet by IGN France may have ruined the surprise. The tweet showed an image of an alleged Nintendo document, complete with the upcoming Nintendo Switch game titles and the console's official release date.

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