Skin Cancer Isn’t Scaring People Who Use Indoor Tanning

Tanning in general has been known to cause skin cancer and even premature skin aging. Studies have been made that shows tanning, and especially indoor tanning, to have an effect on the skin. Skin cancer isn't scaring people who use indoor tanning though.

A number of female college students put themselves at risk of skin cancer with indoor tanning. Many of the students know the risks of indoor tanning, yet still continue with it. This has been found out by a study made by researchers from the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

A survey has been made involving 629 female students from the ages of 18 to 30. The students come from Indiana University's campuses in Bloomington and Indianapolis. The survey was conducted last year and inquired about indoor tanning habits and attitudes towards it.

The lead author of the study is Keming Yang, Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Jiali Han is its senior author and professor and chair in the Department of Epidemiology. It has been known that indoor tanning can cause much harm on the skin. The radiation emitted by indoor tanning equipment can cause premature aging and other damaging effects, according to the IUPUI Newsroom.

While this effect of indoor tanning is well documented, many still engage in it. Indoor tanning is most prevalent in the Midwest, as the study has found out. The risk for those who use indoor tanning beds is high, with around a 25 percent higher risk of developing melanoma, a type of skin cancer, as Science Daily reports. This goes even higher for those who have used tanning beds before the age of 35, as it rises to around 87 percent chance of developing melanoma.

The study has shown that those who used tanning beds have been influenced by family and friends who have also used them. This is despite knowing the possible risks in the use of such tanning beds. Skin cancer isn't scaring people who use indoor tanning. A study shows that some blood bank transfusions might be harmful.

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