Fallout 4 News: Modders Create Corridor Mini-Game; How To Play?

A Fallout 4 mod recently rolled out set to let Fallout 4 gamers play as Overseer of Vault 102. The Fallout 4 mod called Revolted was reportedly created by the modder Cohagen who aims to let players take back control of Vault 102 from the evil professor. On the contrary, console players have reportedly noted difficulties on playing the Fallout 4 mod.

Post-Apocalyptic RPG Gets A Corridor Shooter Mini-Game Via A Mod

It should be noted that Fallout 4 made its way to the gaming community in the year 2015. Since then, Bethesda is yet to unveil extra mini-games to the handful of Holotape games in Fallout 4. Hence, Fallout 4 mod creator Cohagen reportedly manufactured the Revolted mod.

Fallout 4 fans who opt to try out the mod may download and install the mod. Furthermore, gamers may need to go toward Concord in the Boston Commonwealth Wasteland towards the Speakeasy. The Sole Survivor may locate a computer terminal on the second floor. This may then be used to activate Revolted.

The Fallout 4 Revolted mod gameplay is said to be recap several retro corridor shooters from the 90's like Doom and Wolfenstein. Note that the mod reportedly features a thumping chiptune soundtrack, 2D sprites thrown into 3D levels and hammy voice acting. The mod reportedly packs several interactions with NPCs as well.

Character Gets Hot From Intense Gameplay And Turns The Heat Up

Meanwhile, the Fallout 4 modder noted that at the end of Fallout 4 Revolted, the character may be undressed from intense gameplay. Hence, it is expected that the character would be redressed before going back to the wastes. The modder also claims that Revolted may be the future of gaming.

The Fallout 4 mod reportedly added 3D Graphics, poly processing, mono sound and Next level Artificial intelligence to the game. Fallout 4 players may expect the next level of challenge in Revolted with bullets that give damage, mean bad guys and some inappropriate language. However, note that the mod is currently not supported on the PS4 and Xbox One players may be limited by size limits.

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