Fallout 4 Dev Team Confirms New Projects For 2017

Fallout 4 developers at Bethesda Game Studios were reported to move on to creating new projects following the release of Skyrim Special Edition and Nuka World DLC. Although there are still no clear details regarding the said project, studio marketing VP Pete Hines has already confirmed the reports via Twitter posts.

The creators of Fallout 4 have reportedly issued a statement after being asked about the likelihood of a new Skyrim DLC, in which Hines responded by confirming that the studio has moved on to new projects. That said, the hopes of many for a bigger 2011 open world now seems to be unlikely.

However, the studio's confirmation does not directly correlate to Fallout 4 in particular, based on reports. It should be noted that the Nuka World DLC and Skyrim were created in-house by Bethesda, which means that the studio's statement applies only to the developer in general.

That said, Bethesda and its various partners are likely putting the initial pieces in place for one of the three projects that the Fallout 4 game studio has reportedly been working hard since February. Reports suggest that the titles in the said project include The Elder Scrolls VI, although the much-awaited sequel was not part of the development since October. Although these are all speculations for now, some fans believe that a likely Fallout spinoff may happen.

Fallout 4 is now available now on PS4, Xbox One and the PC.  Meanwhile, reports suggest that most gamers would agree that the original Fallout 4 is also as appealing as it is now. However, the PS4 users can appreciate the game more as the game studio presented support for mods in the present gen console.

Fallout 4 reports say the fans can examine the five main weapon mods that everyone over at the studio's modding group have considered five-stars. Meantime, the VR variant for Fallout 4 is expected to release in early 2017 for the HTC Vive. Watch Bethesda Game Studios' SECRET PROJECT Might Be STARFIELD


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