Breastmilk Benefits Do Not Include Vitamin D, Study Says

 A study confirms that breastmilk benefits do not include the important vitamin D, leaving babies at risk for weak bones and rickets. These complications have acute and long-term effects on the infants since it impacts the way that they physically and mentally develop. To avoid this, pediatricians have previously recommended mothers to give vitamin D to their babies.

According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, breastfeeding rarely provides the vitamin D needed by newborn. Pediatricians have strongly recommended breastmilk up until the six month of the baby. This reduces the risk of ear and respiratory infections, allergies, sudden infant death, obesity, and diabetes.

The finding of the new study, which proves that breastmilk benefits do not include protection from vitamin D deficiency, is not the only health problem that mothers commonly face. Pediatricians have been recommending mothers to either take daily doses of vitamin D, or feed it to their infants. However, according to a survey, mothers prefer to take the supplements themselves.

According to the Daily Mail, roughly 800,000 infants are found to be deficient in vitamin D every year. This finding has alarmed pediatricians and ultimately have created the need to modify health regulations in terms of vitamin D supplementation. Now, mothers are recommended to take daily supplements of the vitamin.

According to the Reuters, nine in ten of the surveyed mothers report they would rather take the supplements that give vitamin drops to their babies. The reason cited is tied to safety. Mothers feel safer when they take the supplement, while feeling anxious when giving drops to their babies. The researchers conclude that taking into account maternal preferences can greatly improve mother's compliance and cooperation with the supplement.

Researchers also explain that mothers find it difficult to remember giving the drops to their babies. Also, they struggle making their babies swallow the vitamin. Health experts also plan on giving education on mothers regarding limited breastmilk benefits, and encourage them to take vitamin D supplements.

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