Nokia 6 Sales Forecast Is Looking Good

Nokia 6 Sales Forecast Is Looking Good
Nokia's comeback is starting out positively. Photo : TechTalkTV / YouTube

Nokia has recently made a comeback with a new smartphone called Nokia 6. The company has been making headlines since the latter part of last year as people anticipate its detachment from its non-competition agreement with Microsoft. As expected, the well-loved cellphone brand released a new smartphone as soon as 2017 started.

Nokia Pre-sale Registrations

The Nokia 6 was unveiled last week and while it has been a worldwide topic for a day or two, the said phone is only targeted towards China. Nevertheless, as of now, Nokia 6 seems like it has a bright future ahead of it. Take note that when the phone was unveiled, Nokia opened a registration for people who are interested in buying the Nokia 6. Since the flash sale for the phone won't be starting until January 19, Nokia just allowed people to register pre-sale wherein each registration costs $9. This amount will then be deducted when these buyers finally purchase their Nokia 6. As per a Phone Arena report, the first 24 hours of the registration window has already seen up to 250000 registrations.

Nokia Smartphones 2017

Nokia 6 is just the first among the number of Nokia Androids coming in this 2017, and so far, it looks like things are going well for the company. With Nokia 6's good start, fans from around the world can just hope that the next Nokia device will be made available in more markets outside China. Rumor has it that at least six Nokia Androids will be released this year. Hopefully, at least one could make an international release. Take note that the Nokia label is now licensed to the Finnish company HMD Global, and while this company may not sound entirely familiar to everybody, know that HMD Global is run by some of Nokia's pioneers. With that said, there are enough reasons to anticipate and root for Nokia's 2017 products.

Can Nokia Make A Good Comeback To The Smartphone Market?

With Nokia 6's positive entrance to the market, it's safe to say that Nokia is on the right track for its comeback. The fact that the company isn't getting too ambitious at this point is reason enough to believe that they have thoroughly planned for this re-entry. Nokia can do bigger than Nokia 6 if they wanted to. They could have released a super-premium flagship that isn't limited to the Chinese market. However, the company clearly wants to take things slow, which isn't a bad thing at all. In fact, this makes fans more excited and in deep anticipation. Fans waiting for a new Nokia Android to hit other markets is quite a positive thing for Nokia.

Looking at the Nokia 6's release date, it's also safe to assume that the company thought things through and released the phone at a time when competition is still slow. With that, it's also possible that the next Nokia 2017 phones will be released during similar times. Nevertheless, the only thing we can do right now is to wait for Nokia's next steps. Hopefully, other markets would also be given a chance to get a hold of the new smartphones from the well-loved cellphone maker.

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