Nokia And Microsoft Re-entering The Smartphone Market Separately

When news came out about Microsoft's takeover of the Lumia brand, every fan was excited for the supposed agreement between Nokia and Microsoft. It was kind of a happy "agreement" to know about. However, as it turned out, Microsoft wasn't able to make its Lumia smartphones as big as people expected it to be. Nokia was also disallowed to release a smartphone of their own, as per their non-competition agreement. Nevertheless, these two companies are expected to redeem their names in the smartphone market in the coming year.

The time has come for Nokia to come back to the smartphone world. The non-competition clause will be ending and the classic cellphone manufacturer will be back on track. Of course, this doesn't mean that Microsoft won't be doing the same. The giant tech company also has something up its sleeve when talking about smartphones.

Nokia Label Licensed To HMD Global

Nokia will make its comeback this 2017 as confirmed by HMD Global. HMD is a Finnish company who's given the license to use the Nokia label. As per the company's website, they will enter the smartphone market in 2017 with the next generation of Android-running Nokia smartphones. According to rumors, at least four new Nokia smartphones will be released in the coming year. However, these phones aren't expected to be the flagship in nature. Instead, they will be midrange Androids that will vary in sizes.

Microsoft To Launch A New Smartphone Soon

As the Microsoft Lumia brand seems to slow down in business, rumor has it that the company will release their next smartphone under the Surface label. Microsoft's Surface division has been doing pretty well so it makes sense if the company does put its mobile phones under such successful department. Nevertheless, Microsoft hasn't confirmed this rumor yet.

What's confirmed is that the company will still be present in the smartphone industry, as per Forbes. As per the CEO's recent interview with AFR, Satya Nadella said that they will still be in the smartphone market. However, they still won't be following the popular trend that most smartphones are directed towards. The CEO said, "We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today's market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device."


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