‘Overwatch' Guide: Play Like A Boss In New Oasis Map

‘Overwatch' Guide: Play Like A Boss In New Oasis Map
Here are some tips and tricks to guide "Overwatch" players on how to maximize the new Oasis map and how to get their heroes to use the perks. Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment recently added their latest playable area for “Overwatch”, which is the Oasis map. The said developer introduced the said map just in November last year and has described it as the most advanced area in “Overwatch” and it is situated in the middle of the Arabian desert, which makes players think of some of the most developed cities in the Middle East. They have also pointed out that there are three parts in the new Oasis map, which includes the City Center, the Gardens, and the University.

With a new unfamiliar territory being introduced to the game, players will have to go through the course of acquainting themselves with the area. It won’t be a surprise that even experienced players get knocked off early in the game because of being unaccustomed to the area yet. This is a guide that will help “Overwatch” players get ahead of the game in the Oasis area with some tips and tricks that have been proven effective.

The City Center is the widest area in the new Oasis map and despite it being a dangerous one, it actually has a lot of perks and can instill strategies that players can use for certain heroes. The City Center boasts of a busy part of the map with even speeding cars in traffic that can give heroes certain death. But actually, if timed properly and used with precaution, some heroes can utilize the cars in the traffic.

Zarya, Reaper, D.Va, and Mei are so far the heroes tested that can take advantage of the speeding vehicles since these heroes are actually the ones that can withstand devastating impact or become invincible when in a certain state. Zarya can use the cars that pass by her to charge her particle cannon through her particle barrier, which is very useful since this can be done even before the mission has started, giving players that use Zarya a head start. She can also get on the cars so long as her barrier is activated.

Reaper can also jump on the cars while he uses the Shadow Step. Mei can use her ice block move Cryo-Freeze while atop a moving vehicle, which is really nifty since she can protect herself and get to another place while being in such a state. D.Va can use her ultimate and place it on moving cars to nuke the place the car is heading towards and this is great for surprise attacks especially when a group of unsuspecting players are in one place.

The Gardens in the new Oasis map is a heaven for range heroes especially those that utilize the high grounds. Blizzard has designed the area to have an overhead platform where whoever gets there first, gains most advantage since they can scout the area from any angle. But there are secret holes too that can creep up more surprises such as the elevator and the window just facing the platform, which fast shooters like D.Va, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Tracer can optimize that can lead to a successful ambush. Range heroes like Pharah, Ana, and Widowmaker will love the high grounds here because they can still attack even if spotted because most heroes who can’t hover won’t get to them.

The University is the trickiest area in the new Oasis map since it has tight spaces and almost nowhere to go especially upwards so it’ll be a disadvantage for heroes like snipers Ana and Widowmaker since they won’t find a good spot. The University may lack in high grounds but it makes up for underground passages with lots of rooms that it’s like a puzzle if it suddenly gets busy. Players can use the underground rooms, which some refer to as the holes, to take cover, wait for an ambush, or just close in on opponents. The University also has a lot of walls, which players can maximize for cover while attacking.

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