‘Overwatch' Best Heroes Ranked; Blizzard Entertainment Reveals Developer's Plans For 2017

‘Overwatch' Best Heroes Ranked; Blizzard Entertainment Reveals Developer's Plans For 2017
It's time to find out who are this year's best heroes in "Overwatch" while Blizzard Entertaiment reveals updates on their plans for 2017. Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment never falls short when it comes to developing video games that will attract loyal players. With the success of its “World of Warcraft” game series, the said developer took chances with “Overwatch” and they could not have made a better decision. The latter game is the first ever first-person shooter video game, let alone a multiplayer online one that they have released.

Overwatch” from the time it was promoted, throughout its beta version until today, remains as the most popular first-person shooter online video game even though it was just released in May 2016. The said video game was so popular and mainstream that in no time did avid players become fans of the game especially of its playable characters, which are referred to as heroes in this game. “Overwatch” is a competitive game that teams up six people against another team and of course it will take not only strength but strategy as well to go up against even the most seasoned players.

Over the months, it is safe to say that all of the millions of players of “Overwatch” have tried out every hero in the game and stuck with one or a couple more that they have taken to their liking. But despite preferences, there are just some heroes that are innately good whatever anybody says. Of the 23 “Overwatch” heroes, it seems like Mei has taken the top spot and there is no wonder there as she is known to have useful and powerful yet annoying skills, whether she’s on the offense or the defense.

Another top hero is the noisy scavenger, Junkrat. Anybody who has played against this character knows too well to get out of his way or suffer the consequences. He is armed with bombs and traps, which actually do quite the damage. His devastating ultimate attack, the RIP-Tire is extremely useful especially when taking down multiple opponents.

Next one will be Ana Amari, the sniper support that has become the next favorite thing in “Overwatch." Ana was not part of the original roster of heroes and was introduced and released as a playable character in July 2016. Aside from getting accurate shots, she can also heal teammates from afar, which is actually a very nifty skill anybody would need in their team.

And of course, there is also D.Va, the favorite among newbies and probably the safest bet for any gameplay in “Overwatch”. D.Va is a favorite thanks to her skills that are easily mastered and because of such skills, she can be handy on both offense and defense. Aside from that, she sorts of cheats death because of the combat mecha she pilots, which can also turn into a deadly bomb when activated in the right time and place.

With all these playable characters still making it enjoyable for gamers, Blizzard Entertainment recently revealed that they have more plans in store for “Overwatch” over the next year. Through the developer update they released, they have unveiled plans for a more balanced gameplay, some more in-game tweaks and most likely more new playable heroes and maps. They have announced that a new map called Oasis will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

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