Find Out Why Connecticut’s Protein Sciences Corp Is Making Its Waves On Zika Vaccine, Can They Finally Hold The Answer To The Problem?

By Sai , Jan 13, 2017 08:35 PM EST
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MADISON, WI - JUNE 28: A research specialist at the AIDS Vaccine Research Labs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison processes blood samples taken from pregnant rhesus macaque monkeys infected with the Zika virus on June 28, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin. Researchers at the University released a study today detailing how research at the facility has found the Zika virus persisted in the blood of pregnant monkeys for 30 to 70 days but only around 7 days in others. The study also found that monkeys previously infected with the virus were resistant to a second infection, which suggests the animals have a naturally occurring immunity. Health professionals in the United States are preparing for the possibility of an epidemic of Zika which can be transmitted by mosquitoes. (Photo : Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

With the Zika virus cases continuously rising, the perfect cure is yet to be officially recognized by health experts from across the globe. Until Protein Sciences Corp. has recently revealed that the company is currently on the move to be developing a Zika vaccine that has already been doing well in pre-clinical trials and could begin being tested on humans by April. It was found that the drug that is being developed by the Connecticut-based biotech company is known to be reportedly composed of a purified type of protein, which, in turn, has the ability to match one found on the outer surface of the Zika virus. Experts have revealed that pre-clinical testing stage is a necessary part of the process in order to make sure that a drug candidate does not have the potential to cause serious harm.

Connecticut's Protein Sciences Corp Is Making Its Waves On Zika Vaccine

According to reports revealed by Bethwood Patch, authorities of the project said that they are in fact in partnership with Buenos Aries-based Sinergium Biotech and the Mundo Sano Foundation on the vaccine, will allegedly utilize Protein Sciences' proprietary technology. In return, the agreement includes Sinergium to be paying for an undisclosed upfront fee, in order to fund the development and manufacture of the vaccine, and Mundo, on the other hand, will expectedly assist in various ways, which includes reaching those affected by the disease.

Furthermore, in one of their statements reported by New Haven Register News, the company's executives said that a separate study focusing on a Zika virus candidate, which has been sponsored by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, National Institutes of Health, has apparently yielded good safety data. Ultimately, Max Cox, president and chief executive officer of Protein Sciences has added that Zika disappointingly remains as a crucial threat in several parts of the world, which makes them even more convinced that the project they're currently working on would be able to bring them into a step closer to realizing that there is indeed a certain kind of vaccine that will be able to protect humans against this deadly virus.


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